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As the blond bombshell kept watch on the court, her bored 29-year-old beau made a grab for her mouth but caught her cheek instead. During the US Open in September 2014, Klum and Schnabel could hardly take their hands off one another as they sat beside fellow lovers Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy. Heidi Klum and her boyfriend Vito Schnabel put on quite the show at Wimbledon on Friday.

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Barts, where he was happily -- we're sure -- behind her efforts to get up on a surfboard. Vito caught a few waves, but Heidi was satisfied sunning her buns on the board ...

In 2014, Heidi Klum started dating a younger man named Vito Schnabel.

We called the engagement off but we're still cool and we are still friends.

We are raising the kids together and we still have a family together.

Currently, however, Klum is appearing as a judge on season 12 of I remember older women liking him when he was as young as 13, because he could carry on a conversation. Younger women get weeded out because they can’t hold their own in a conversation with him.

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