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Alternatively, the name is associated with Argos, the third king of the city in ancient times, who renamed it after himself, thus replacing its older name Foronikon Asty (Φορωνικόν Άστυ).It is also believed that "Argos" is linked to the word "αργός" (argós), which meant "white"; possibly, this had to do with the visual impression given of the argolic plain during harvest time.We want the Australian Government to answer Senator Ludlam and the Australian people on the US made Trap Wire system as Anonymous puts forth proof of the connections between these private spy companies and the personal information of Australian citizens being misused and abused while these companies continue to deny the connections even after we have provided proof.

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It is 11 kilometres (7 miles) from Nafplion, which was its historic harbour.

A settlement of great antiquity, Argos has been continuously inhabited as at least a substantial village for the past 7,000 years.).

Not only does this legislation completely remove the presumption of innocence which all persons are afforded, it goes against one of the essential dimensions of human rights and privacy law: freedom from surveillance and arbitrary intrusions into a person's life.

This Legislation proposes people are to divulge passwords, which could lead to self-incrimination.

However, this term is also used to refer to those ancient Greeks generally who assaulted the city of Troy during the Trojan War; the term is more widely applied by the Homeric bards.

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