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Among the students witnessing the scrubbing of Alpha Tau Omega from the IU-Bloomington campus was Jordan Haas, a junior from Southern Indiana who clenched his jaw and shook his head as he thought of the fraternity's recent troubles.

The actor was moving Sponge Bob and Patrick, with a censored way.

Later, a child's mother did a report about the censored scene at the radio series of the same name, because her child was watching that.

During airings of the series on Channel Nine, ESR (The National Council for Radio and Television) started thinking that the show has controversial scenes with violence and sex and that Sponge Bob is transexual, as he passes most of the time with Patrick.

During the run of the Ellinofreneia early TV series on the Greek channel SKAI, a talk of the Greek politician George Alogoskoufis was satirized with a actor's hands, holding a Sponge Bob and Patrick plush.

Unlike my dad, who in the late 1940s had paid for his leftist politics with several years in concentration camps, Panayiotis was what today would be referred to as a neoliberal.

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