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Looking for the world's "best matchmaker" is, of course, subjective.

In fact, a search in Google for "world's best matchmaker" gave me, at best, a list of the world's 100 best matchmakers.

Then try to get them to cancel your membership is crap.

Oh, they will pull you off the website but continue to bill you. They don't follow up when you have a complaint and do nothing to keep the nut jobs out! If you want to find someone nice to date stay off this site.

Selected 5 times in 6 years - a total of about 10 coffee/ dinner dates. Then most recent complaint is that Today - August 29, 2014 I received an email stating they are changing their name. FYI - I was taken for $2500, a man I went to dinner with paid $7000 for the exact same 'plan'.

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