Generating list of change sets and updating work items veteranconsolidating com

Reducing floods of incidents created from SCOM alerts is a priority with most organizations.My example connector service provides this capability and is simple to maintain and install, plus I have provided the source code for this example allowing anyone interested the ability to add features and/or functionality.

Our Nintex Workflow Cloud platform got THREE product updates in June!

You can do more with Docu Sign, there are more workflow actions, and you can do more with attachments. Visit the Nintex Workflow Cloud - Release Notes , and click "actions" in the upper-right, then "follow." Nintex Technical Evangelist Chris Ellis has an interesting proof of concept blog post on the new Nintex Workflow Cloud connectors for Share Point that might whet your whistle for using the platform: Nintex Workflow Cloud & Share Point Online - Better Together Nintex Technical Evangelist Alexandre Joly provides some convenient code to get Nintex Workflow Cloud to Launch a NWC External start workflow from a PHP page, which he helped a customer do. We have a number of how-to videos and templates to address real-world business needs.

You can use this default queue to track all your work items, or you can set up queues to reflect your organization's structure, business processes, or both.

How you set up queues depends on how your business works.

Within Excel, Data Models are used transparently, providing tabular data used in Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, and Power View reports.

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