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I feel that allowing my 10 yr old to play violent games that encourage them to kill people (the graphics are really good nowadays) will desensitize him to that violence and make him feel more comfortable seeing it and maybe more likely to use it.

Is it set in stone by allowing him to play them will make him violent- no.

Neither of us smoke, do drugs or have been in any trouble.

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You could head to the arcade and play a few of Smeet’s virtual world games.

Maybe visit the club district and dance the night away to which ever music takes your fancy or possibly have a few ice cold beverages at the beach.

Then either throw the biggest party for all your new virtual life friends, fill it with the amazingly cute friendly Smeekiez creatures or sit back and relax and watch the drama and excitement of virtual life unfold.

With your 3d life personalized and in order you can head downtown and see what’s happening on the street.

They’re hugely popular, with 1.5bn downloads to smartphones and tablets so far, and 230m people using them every month. There’s a feature that encourages the user to make faces and gestures at the screen: nod or shake their head, smile, yawn or poke their tongue out.

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