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Let’s face it, video games aren’t a terribly efficient source for sexual gratification, if that’s what you’re looking for.

ESRB ratings limit how far developers can go with adult content, and making any significant progress in a virtual relationship usually requires dozens of hours of committed gameplay.

More information about that is in the OGYD entry here. Source - GACKT OHP / Satoshi Ikeda Instagram At the end of March, GACKT, TAKUMI, VAL and Satoshi Ikeda where on Jeju Island, South Korea, to take part in Asia Poker Tour Korea 2017.

Again, the following photos had not been published when making that entry. APT posted several photos from this event this week.

Currently the photo has amassed 33.3k likes, but it wouldn’t be complete without people offering their unsolicited opinions on his body and dragging his dear old friend Ayumi Hamasaki in the process.

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