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Faking billing data seems like something they would definitely consider criminal. I always keep used-up gift/rebate cards around for this purpose.Who knows how many different charges a vengeful federal prosecutor could gin up to stack against someone who did it. There seem to be some teething issues with the website redesign. They're valid credit cards, complete with CVV numbers, and their expiration dates are usually a very long time in the future (got one the other day that expires in 2020).

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Hacking into sites  containing people's personal information, including photos, is big  business.

In case you're wondering why criminals are after  your personal information, this is one of the big reasons.

   The photos on most dating sites are cadged, usually illegally, from  sites that store the portfolios of professional and aspiring  models.

A good many are also stolen, along with personal  information, from sites such as Facebook, so don't let Facebook try  to tell you that their site is secure.

Without an article linked I don't know if this is addressed, but credit card processors have a whole service set up to prevent this.

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