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But if I draw on the data of applicants to Founder Dating, a network (which I run) of entrepreneurs ready to start their next side projects or companies, there are far fewer designer founders relative to other skill sets.Using this data as a proxy, it’s around 15 percent; after correcting for people who are more design-appreciators than designers, it’s probably closer to 6 percent.#### Jessica Alter ##### About Jessica Alter is the co-founder & CEO of Founder Dating, an online network for entrepreneurs to connect, share, and find co-founders.

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7.30am Current Events – What’s happening in the TSG scene, news from the Local, State and Federal level. Open to all attendees to contribute content and news. Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Internal Innovation Labs, Innovators, Business owners, anyone with an interest in Innovation, Startups, Entrepreneurship & Coworking.

the midst of a design renaissance, where beyond the cliché Steve Jobs and Apple ecosystem example, we see a design-centric focus in everything from soap (Method) and thermostats (Nest) to email (Mailbox) and even baby food (Plum Organics). At this point, the technology tools for design – enabled by the web – have evolved to a point where good design is accessible and scalable.

For those founders unable to find anyone in your network, then founder dating in some form is the only option left.

So if you are looking to use a founder dating service such as Co Founders Lab, here is a strategic way to look at it.

You will no longer need to fit an all-around advisor peg into a square company hole.

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