Elle macpherson dating jeff soffer

Representatives of the couple were unavailable for comment last night.

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They said: Tags: affair, cheater, cheating, chris martin, claims, coldplay, denial, elle macpherson, gwyneth paltrow, jeff soffer, love line, married, relationship, rumor, rumors, vanity fair This is DEFINITELY what we’d expect from a billionaire!

After we heard that Elle Macpherson was engaged to her former ex beau Jeff Soffer, we couldn’t wait to get a peek at the ring!

Step 1: Part hair completely down the center and pick a side for the chignon to rest on.

Pull hair to one side and create two ponytails, one in each hand. Step 3: Wrap one side around to the right and stick a hair pin in to hold. Step 4: Finish off with Oribe Super Fine Hairspray. Worth: His worth is estimated around $1 billion, and Macpherson weighs in at a not-too-shabby $45 million.

We told you earlier today about how writer Vanessa Grigoriadis was apparently getting to the bottom of this possible tryst that could leave Chris Martin without a whole lot of trust, but now we're getting Gwynnie's side!

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