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Back in the day: Sizemore (left) wasn't the only Hollywood star at the White House on the night that the alleged tryst occurred, as it was a premiere for the film Saving Private Ryan which starred Tom Hanks, Ed Burns (right) and was directed by longtime Clinton supporter Stephen Spielberg (center- seen here at the London premiere) ‘She’s not a lesbian, but Bill said that he intuited to Elizabeth that they’re in love, but they stopped (sleeping together) a long time ago.They both have separate romantic lives but they don’t let those romantic lives impede,’ Sizemore says on the tape.

Her elder sibling has become renowned for her love of a good knees-up.

And it seems that Lottie Moss isn't just emulating Kate's career plan, as the rising model headed out to party in London on Thursday - making it two nights on the trot.

She’s angling to live there until she’s like the sweet, wizened best friends I find in the Fiorello ladies’ room arguing over how to turn on the faucet. I live in my Upper West Side apartment alone with my two cats, and I love it,” Moss says, referring to the two orange tabbys, Ethel and Lucy, she adopted as strays. My publicist would be like, ‘Are you trying to ruin everything?

’ But I was in Duane Reade when I was really sick the other day and I was dressed in god knows what, just terrible sweats and hat and jacket.

It costs just £25 and is bang on-trend for the season thanks to the choker collar.

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