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" — To Eli Saint Clare (by everyone)Little Edwards (By Holly J., Chantay and Jake)Clarebear (By Jenna, Eli, Randall, and Helen)Veep (By Drew)Clarabelle (By Bullfrog)Propmaster Clare (By Declan) Beautiful (By Eli)Mini Me (By Darcy)Edwards (by Eli and Drew)Newsie (By Asher)She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (By J.

She is more lenient in her beliefs than her sister, and can sometimes break rules when she feels the ends justify the means.

For example: * regular-guy Simpson snuck back into the school — possibly illegally, but who am I to judge? She’s still taking a gap year after graduation, and she’s not moving to New York with Eli, but she says she’s “opening myself up to everything,” I’m choosing to ignore everything -level bromance for the ages.

After saving Dallas’ butt at prom, Drew nearly gave up walking at graduation for his one true love, but Dallas’ quick thinking got his bruh on stage in the end.

She refuses, saying it wouldn't stop the violence, which upsets him.

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