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So I called the public affairs department of the L. I rounded out the monthly rates to the nearest dollar, just to keep the arithmetic simple. If I continued commuting, the next 50 years would cost me at least $67,650! For instance, I saved $493 by serving four years in the Air Force during World War II (the savings were small because the monthly fare then was only $10.48). At $6 for the round trip, the per-mile cost is 8.5 cents. The schedule ranges from one hour 5 minutes to one hour 15 minutes. The figure assumes on-time performance; I did not add in delays, including the eight-hour immobilization of my train outside Jamaica in the ice and sleet storm in December 1973.

in Jamaica and asked officials there if they could give me a record of the monthly commutation rates from Lindenhurst to Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, from September 1933 through July 1985. Within days, I received a list of the fares and the number of months they were in effect, dating to 1918. So I stayed with the $23,800 in making other calculations. At the current fare of $123 a month, the per-mile cost for the 70-mile round trip from Lindenhurst to Flatbush Avenue is about 9 cents.

If you’re drawing 2-3 cards per turn, so is your opponent.

The way to get around that is to make sure you’re taking more turns than they are, and to make sure they can’t capitalize on all of the cards they’re getting.

Most of you currently raising your hands are filthy liars, but that’s okay.

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