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And that is precisely what more than 700 organisations from a wide range of different sectors have already done.

Take a look at what they’ve committed to do and consider how your organisation could get involved too.

Such views are likely to derive from assessment driven philosophies encouraged under the former 5-14 system, but have clearly been magnified by the trajectory of Cf E as a policy.

I believe that part of this derives from a fundamental design fault in Cf E, highlighted in 2010 by Walter Humes and me.

It has been fascinating to watch the recent media coverage of the debates about the increase in paperwork and bureaucratisation within Curriculum for Excellence.

First, we saw a piece in Times Educational Supplement, reporting that Ken Muir of Education Scotland was suggesting that Cf E has become weighed down by excessive paperwork ( Now, Education Secretary Mike Russell has weighed into the debate, saying that Cf E should engender “clarity” and that schools, head teachers and councils should not distort the new curriculum with “a smokescreen of bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork” (see the Scotsman ).

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