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Culture delivered to your inbox At the heart of the problem, say many doctors and policy experts, is the fraying of the doctor-patient relationship.And this is not just a question of touchy-feely good vibes: a growing body of research now points to the critical importance of having a connection to a trusted physician.As with all exercise programs it important that these exercises be comfortable and that they be progressed gradually.

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(e) When physicians see content posted by colleagues that appears unprofessional they have a responsibility to bring that content to the attention of the individual, so that he or she can remove it and/or take other appropriate actions.

If the behavior significantly violates professional norms and the individual does not take appropriate action to resolve the situation, the physician should report the matter to appropriate authorities.

Social networks, blogs, and other forms of communication online also create new challenges to the patient-physician relationship.

Physicians should weigh a number of considerations when maintaining a presence online: (a) Physicians should be cognizant of standards of patient privacy and confidentiality that must be maintained in all environments, including online, and must refrain from posting identifiable patient information online.

Dr Somuah-Boetang denies he initiated contact with Patient A and also denies separate charges of supplying her with any prescription medication.

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