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“In events with clients, [damage control] is my gift.If something goes wrong, I’m able to see what’s going on, what needs to happen and fix it,” she tells VIBE.

Diddy dating J-Lo (Yes, that’s my synopsis of 90’s hip-hop), kids were growing up without parents, tough welfare reform was making it harder for people to receive [already limited] government assistance and the War on Drugs aka the War on people who were coerced into depending on drugs to make a living, was in full effect, I mention these few things as a reminder that 90’s hip-hop is underscored by an abundance of pain and suffering.

When that pain and suffering is ignored and the wish for the return of the 90’s comes true, we get Rick Ross, the lie that continues to grow bolder and bigger (literally).

Jennifer Lopez sticks to what works--especially in the beauty department.

The 46-year-old Boricua star was spotted attending the CAA Oscar afterparty paying homage to her Versace Grammy look from back in 2000.

My friend Cameron Kunzelman wrote a piece on his hatred of nostalgia in the video game world.

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