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"這選項 2.然後請各位去C槽, 找到一個資料夾叫做 Program Data, 然後點進去 WIN7系統:\Use​​rs\用戶名\App Data\Local\Blizzard Entertainment\Battle.net下cache文件夾(App Data為隱藏文件夾) XP系統:\Documents and Settings\All users\Application Data\Blizzard Entertainment\Battle.net下cache文件夾 3.之後會看到 這個資料夾, 請點進去, 這時會看到三個資料夾 4.最後請各位把Agent 的檔案夾給刪掉.(請放心地刪掉, 因為之後Run遊戲,會重新的產生出那個Agent的檔案夾) 5.然後這時請先 " ALT CRTL DEL" 進入"工作管理員"把 Agent.exe給關掉.I've seen some other posts about this, but reinstalling over the internet an 8 GB game is not realistic.

Diablo 3 an error occurred while updating required files

so i switch back to regular and every time i try to launch the game an error pops up saying «An unexpected error occurred while updating required files. It loads the launcher and says «initializing» then the error pops up and when i click ok on the error the launcher closes. theres nothing blocking the game from connecting to blizzard. If you have this on, disable it to allow the game to update/install.

This is something our team is working on to see why.

Thanks :)Also, I coulda sworn that both Wow and Starcraft 2 have a repair utility where it would scan for corrupt files and fix any errors for situations like these, but I can't seem to find anything similar for D3.

Well judging by the fact that this topic is fairly slow moving and there's not a plethora of other similar topics I can only imagine that it's some sort of problem on our end.

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