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We’re not sure when Devon and Dawni got married, but considering that they managed to keep their baby news under wraps for eight entire months, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the couple had actually been married for quite a while. First Kerry Washington, then Jennifer Love Hewitt, now Devon.

Is anyone in Hollywood actually going to tell people when they get married..then pregnant...anymore? We’re glad the couple’s made so much progress on their son’s room.

You just know that they're something special.(2012, on being a former teen heartthrob) Well, it was something that was really hard to break out of.

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Devon Sawa has officially added his most important role to his resume: Dad! News confirms the 35-year-old actor's wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Thursday, Jan. The little one, whom the couple named Hudson Sawa, weighed in at 8 pounds, 1 ounce of "pure love," according to the late as Sawa's rep originally told us the baby was "due the first week in January."After Sawa announced his wife's pregnancy, the proud papa took to Twitter to post a pic of the nursery that he and his wife set up for their son."Arrived today, room's almost done," he captioned a photo of an ivory crib with wood paneling and a few animal-themed picture frames, which presumably, have since been hung up.

He also thanked fans for their well wishes, adding that the pair is "very excited" for the new addition to their family.

In the scene photographed, Devon's character is being murdered by a group of me who attach cinder blocks to his feet and throw him into the freezing ocean off the same dock.

The actor, who was a teen heart throb in the 90s, looked like he was into the scene as he was tossed off the dock, feigning terror from the whole ordeal.

After his first few film credits, Sawa became a teen heartthrob and Tiger Beat coverboy.

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