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This scares Toki enough to urinate himself and he offers the lives of Dethklok in exchange of his own, even saying he'll lead the way. The voice says "I just have one thing to say before I kill you" and a gun is held to his head.The bag is removed and Dethklok screams "Happy Birthday! It turns out the whole kidnapping was a prank so Dethklok could really surprise him with a birthday party.

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The second season of the animated show Metalocalypse originally aired on Adult Swim from September 23, 2007 to September 7, 2008 with 19 episodes.

The show follows virtual death metal band Dethklok.

The band's fan base includes billions of metal fanatics, who frequently endanger themselves to watch the band perform live.

The members of Dethklok are often portrayed as incompetent at almost everything not related to their profession.

The album debuted at number 21 on Billboard Magazine's Top 200 list.

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