Derek jeter dating timeline

According to ESPN's Dan Le Batard, Jeter's relationship with Rodriguez might still be on the rocks.“I actually learned, factually, that Jeter was beside himself angry at that interview he had to do with Alex Rodriguez, first and foremost, because nobody told him he’d have to be sitting there next to Alex Rodriguez," Le Betard said Tuesday on his radio show.Sports delivered to your inbox Why would Jeter have a problem sitting down next to A-Rod?

The Captain has been in so many star-studded relationships that ESPN's was able to populate each spot on the baseball field with all the high-profile women he's been linked to.

Jeter's retirement plans have people reflecting on his 19-year career and his personal life.

We have seen Jeter with numerous ladies that we expected - and often hoped - he would finally settle down with. Jeter and Dutta were spotted together shortly after she won the 2000 Miss Universe Pageant. Dutta is one of the bigger stars in her native India courtesy of roles in Bollywood hits such as "Om Shanti Om" and "Billu Barber" which many of you may have seen.

Every time the public has come to expect him to finally have found the 'one,' we get another one of those breakup tabloids. Many of you may remember the name Rachel Uchitel from the Tiger Woods saga. Jeter and Uchitel spent time together back in 2008.

He asked about Jeter's plans to buy the Miami Marlins, A-Rod's relationship with Jennifer Lopez and even old reports of tension between the two stars.

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