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That way, if the date goes well and you both like each other, you can turn it into a dinner date in the same night!Simple tips like these make a world of difference in online dating.

Subtly drop that you are staying in a hotel that evening, but don’t discuss it at length. Then if things are moving along well, invite her to your hotel for a drink.

If she agrees, excuse yourself to the bathroom and in few clicks book the room. Remember, you can only book the room the same day on the Hotel’s Tonight app.

RELATED ARTICLE: Attention Ladies: Avoid These 3 Dating Mistakes 3. Dinner dates or even lunch dates can be a bad idea, as they carry too much pressure. For maximum date potential, meet up for drinks or coffee at around 5 PM.

There are actually a lot of mistakes you can make that will turn off the person you’re trying to talk to. Ideally, ask to meet up after around 3 or 4 back-and-forth messages. Make a specific plan, including the place and time.

The person you’re texting doesn’t necessarily know you or your sense of humor.

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