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Tulaga had also been adopted by Manuella and was Seselo’s brother: In the late 1890's or early 1900's, a British colonial administrator heard about the Kaumaile. In about 1936 or 1937 Kaifou (who told us about this incident on November 4, 1974), Tulo and Manuella were working at the phosphate works on Banaba -- they had gone in the recruitment malaga from Nanumea in 1936. In any case, one of the British mine managers had the spear.

The amount includes payments for dating services ($80M), preparing for the date and the cost of the date itself. The most common pre-date costs include new clothes (68%), hair (35%), new shoes (28%) and makeup (20%).

CCTV footage on the misencounter between police personnel and Resorts World Manila staff Bernard Cajigas (L) during the attack by gunman Jessie Javier Carlos at the RWM premises last June 2, 2017.

Cajigas was shot by police responding to the site, contrary to his previous claim that he was shot by Carlos.

There is an interesting story about Manuella and the Kaumaile. This man got the spear from its caretaker at that time, a Nanumean man some elders told us was Teuki, a descendant of Lapi.

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