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If you want to know why you keep striking out, ask Em because she'll tell you..might end up crying in bed once or twice but she won't abandon you or sugarcoat things just to keep your checks coming (payment is up front anyway so you can't rage-quit).Have you ever seen a pretty lady walking down the road and wanted to talk to her but fear left you feeling paralyzed?

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Most single people have spent time wondering why they're single.

After all, your parents, siblings and friends will all smile and say what a catch you are: Emyli won't.

The Dating Coach will also give you the secrets of what women think & want from men, what impresses them and what will win them over!

And here’s a big hint: You don’t have to be the Hottest guy win over the most beautiful woman….yes, really!

Do you know how to attract a woman who looks at you you as just a friend?

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