Dating the crucifixion of jesus

Critics dismissed the synchronicity of names as mere coincidence.

"The object of our investigation was to determine whether the 'patio tomb,' still intact, might contain names or other evidence that would provide for us further data that might conceivably shed light on the adjacent 'garden tomb' with its intriguing cluster of names," James D.

On Earthquakes, Bloody Moons, and Dating the Crucifixion By: S. Thomason It was a dark day when Jesus was crucified.

There are also complicated issues about various calendar systems in use at the time of Christ that create confusion.

Many Christian scholars have come to question either the synoptic gospels or the gospel of John because of the difficulties of resolving questions about exactly when Jesus was crucified.

Varves, which are annual layers of deposition in the sediments, reveal that at least two major earthquakes affected the core: a widespread earthquake in 31 B. and an early first century seismic event that happened sometime between 26 A. Located beneath a modern condominium complex less than two miles south of the Old City of Jerusalem, this first-century burial, now named "patio tomb," is only 200 feet away from a second tomb, dubbed the "Jesus Family Tomb." Lying beneath a garden area in the same condominium complex, the burial was discovered in 1980.

It contained 10 ossuaries, six of them inscribed with names associated with Jesus and his family.

The latest investigation, reported in the journal International Geology Review, focused on earthquake activity at the Dead Sea, located 13 miles from Jerusalem.

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