Dating sutras

The Heart Sutra is commonly chanted for such occasions as morning services, meditation practice, routine meetings, and funerals.

We look forward to a memorable time with you in the holy land of Bodhgaya.

will be jointly hosting a sūtra resounding under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India.

So all sutra are supposedly sermons, lectures of the Buddha, so they always start off with a little description of where the Historical Buddha is lecturing, and the sort of crowd that's listening to him. Quite often sutra are a dialogue between the Buddha and one of his disciples, and the Diamond Sutra itself is a dialogue between the Buddha and his elderly disciple Subhuti.

Now this is a way of getting the message of Buddhism across, because Subhuti acts as a sort of foil to the Buddha, so he will ask what are reasonably stupid questions, so to speak, and the Buddha will then explain the meaning of Buddhism.

The sutras are aphorisms, and to the average person they don’t make much sense to read by themselves.

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