Dating smith wessom 32 revolver

While this made for an effective weapon, it required a time-consuming loading process.It was also necessary to frequently dump unfired rounds and reload, as the loose powder was often ruined by moisture.

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The Model Three, a personal favorite of Wyatt Earp, held .44 caliber center fire rounds.

The next great leap forward for the company was in 1880, when they released their first double-action revolver, chambered for the .32 caliber.

I have a beautiful all original ctg 32-20 revolver from 1915-early 20's the sn is 1111XX this gun is absolutely beautiful condition.

If this gun is your kind of thing then you wont find a nice one.

While there is no way to possibly list all of the values here for the myriad of Smith & Wesson revolvers produced, here are a few things that come up a lot when dealing with them.

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