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All of it was so fun and exciting as we shared dinners and lunches engaged in conversations.

He would stay after for me and I would do the same for him. When October hit and we went on our first date – on his birthday, funnily enough – I had a feeling that he would ask me that question.

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You’re probably seeing each other for a date once, maybe twice a week, and that’s it.

Now, if the dates start occurring more often, then the two of you are probably working towards being in an exclusive relationship.

To my pleasant surprise, I stumbled right into a guy – cuter than I remembered him being – who just so happened to be in two of my classes.

With a brown beard, light brown eyes and thin-framed body, we spoke about our grades from a previous exam the week before.

Striking a balance is often harder than people might think: People are often strongly compelled to spend time with the new, exciting person in their lives.

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