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And the engineers would walk into the studio room to make sure they were capturing our real sounds, such was the respect and knowledge of those fine early engineers. Most records cut in Hollywood were recorded with the pick on the bass with flatwound strings, whether it was me or others. I never knew Brian was a bass player until much later, he never played bass in front of me...knew he was special, he had the bass parts all written out (except for one lick I got in on "Calif. bass hits of his own too) did some of the Barney Miller things too. Motown has always had offices out here (2 floors of suites in the Sunset/Vine Tower building since 1963) where Marc Gordon's wife used to work for Motown as a secretary...Girls" that was mine, the rest of the notes were his). But definitely that's mainly Chuck, who used to play string bass on the Nancy Sinatra and Jody Miller things we'd record together. Marc, Frank Wilson (LA native), Hal Davis and others were the LA producers...when the Musicians' Union busted Motown for doing sessions w/o a recording license (about 1967) Motown "announced" they were "moving" to LA..they've been out here for years before that.Brilliant Clean channel thru to great overdriven sound.

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Slowly it began to dawn on me how many of my favorite jazz guitar archetypes seemed to date back to the days before the fall of Saigon, when vacuum tubes ruled.

Some embraced the new sounds and techniques associated with electric guitar tone.

As a teenager in Cleveland, he performed professionally, and also took up the double bass.

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