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The following text is the most well-known version of the song.

The text arguably dates back to the War of Spanish Succession (1702–1713), since it refers to the grenadiers throwing grenades (a practice that proved to be too dangerous and was ended soon afterward,) and the men wearing "caps and pouches" (i.e.

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Additionally, the first eight measures are played during the ceremony when the Escort for the Colour marches into position on Horse Guards Parade.

Some former British units have also had it as their march: Royal Dublin Fusiliers (before disbandment in 1922).

After transferring from South Hills High School; he joined the marching band at Royal Oak High School (now Royal Oak Middle School) in Covina, California.

His first successful band Suite 19 played the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles during the late-1970s.

George Way’s name is not known so well as Messrs Ludwig or Gretsch, but his contribution was equally special.

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