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EDITOR'S NOTE ARTICLE Michael Witzel Autochthonous Aryans? ======================================================================================================================== This issue deals with the perennial "Aryan question".

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However, in an uncharacteristic move, Dr Mathew dabbled with using an actual citation to support his prose, referring to a recent clinical trial on acupuncture for migraine3.

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The following paper deals with these issues and to a large degree, with the much debated question of the origin of the Arya: Either they are indigenous to early South Asia or their existence is due to a (partial) influx of a language and a culture that was of non-South Asian origins.

As in all the sciences, this debate should simply be a question of evidence and proof, -- in this case one based on linguistic, textual, archaeological, anthropological, genetic, etc. However, the issue has become increasingly politicized.

Furthermore, since the worship of deities and rituals involving sorcery are never explicitly forbidden to lay people in the Pali Canon, Gombrich argues against viewing such practices as contradictory to orthodox Buddhism.

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