Dating levi denim jackets

Kept at an even temperature and wrapped in unbleached cotton, these delicate specimens are carefully protected by the Levi’s® Historian and strictly reserved for the use of the Levi's® designers.

Each season, the team pores through the archives with white-gloved hands, uncovering the secrets of the past and then bringing them back into the world through faithful reproductions that are as fresh now as they were back then.

Jeans with a waist measurement of 32-inches to 36-inches, and a length measurement of 30-inches to 32-inches 'are going to be worth the most money.'Thanks to the popularity of the Western movie and stars like John Wayne, blue jeans, which were originally designed as prospectors working britches, have gained the irresistible aura of romance and adventure.

The womens jackets were made with stone shield snap fasteners.

In addition, in the 1950’s Levi introduced the “Sawtooth” western shirt.

Levi® Vintage Clothing keeps the history of Levi's® denim alive.

The Levi’s® Vintage Clothing Design Philosophy Safely preserved in a vault deep inside our headquarters in San Francisco lies an archive of over 20,000 rare and unique examples of Levi’s® clothing and artifacts dating back to as early as 1873.

The name comes from the jagged appearance of the stitching on the yokes and pockets.

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