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But Hartley seemed worried about the optics, and half-jokingly reminded Hughes reporters were in the room. He’d been in discussions with President Donald Trump’s transition team about a Cabinet spot, possibly as transportation secretary.

As Hughes got going, he rose from his chair and acted out a fistfight he’d gotten into decades before in his native Pittsburgh.

His chief of staff, a former lobbyist named Greg Hartley, groaned as Hughes pantomimed the fight.

1953 National Tweed There’s no model # on the amp, and it’s a very rare and progressive amp for it’s time.

I’m sure it was the top of the line Valco made in 1953.

as you turn the reverb control down, the gain goes up, and in effect, the intensity control can be used as a master overdrive control, and you can dial in the amount of gain you like.

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