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The escutcheon is blazoned: gules a triskele argent garnished and spurred or. The supporters are blazoned: dexter a peregrine falcon and sinister a raven both proper. The heraldic device of the triskele or triskeles has been associated with the Isle of Man for centuries.The supporters are symbolically associated with the island as well.

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In 1405, Henry IV, King of England gave the Isle of Man to John Stanley.

The latter gave Henry two peregrine falcons, and was required to provide the same to every future English king on his coronation.

You wouldn't ask anyone else about the population of their hometown, now would you? Most importantly, don't EVER ask us if you need a passport to come and visit. Wetherspoons are in abundance and the only places to go, so we know the menu off by heart. Nights out = Lloyds, caj drinks = Ryde, lunch with your parents = Man in the Moon (mix as appropriate). But that's no excuse to suggest 'spoons as a date location.

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