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Both of these methods existed continuously throughout this period. The Julian calendar was replaced by the Gregorian calendar in October 1582 to re-align March 20 (and therefore Easter) with the seasons by removing 10 dates October 5 to 14, 1582.

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D., is always one of the 35 dates March 22 to April 25. ENGLISH Easter Sunday dates for 1583 to 1752 can be calculated using information near the end of this Easter Dating Method document.

This replacement did not occur until later in many countries e.g. See GM Arts Easter Date Calculations for more information.

For a more accurate detection, the core CPI (Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: All Items Less Food & Energy [CPILFESL]) is often used.

When using the CPI, please note that it is not applicable to all consumers and should not be used to determine relative living costs.(1) Additionally, the CPI is a statistical measure vulnerable to sampling error since it is based on a sample of prices and not the complete average.(1) For more information on the consumer price indexes, see: (1) Bureau of Economic Analysis. Handbook of Methods - ( Understanding the CPI: Frequently Asked Questions - ( Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: All Items For example, invert an exchange rate by using formula 1/a, where “a” refers to the first FRED data series added to this line.

-We still feel strongly as an organisation that SANC must investigate the leakages thoroughly to identify and address areas of weaknesses in its own ranks and ensure that its own internal controls are water-tight first and do not allow for any chance of leakages now and in future.

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