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If you still can't find a suitable present then consider the following tips to help you decide. You might get away with any old gift most years, but if you want to stay in her good books then marriage milestones such as your 10th (tin), 25th (silver) and 50th (gold) require some thought.We’d recommend a gift engraved with the date of your wedding. Fear not, simply refine our product selection to your price range and you’ll find something to suit your means.What says romance like spending the day and night at a chic hotel in your city, or a quaint B&B in the country? If you’re the type of couple who’s never home at the same time, spend your anniversary on the couch with takeout, plenty of wine, and a series you both love on Netflix or Redbox.

In my practice as a dating coach, I have seen time and again how men unconsciously express their true feelings about the woman they are dating in the type of gift he gives her. I have more hope for the client whose boyfriend writes her a poem or buys her a $5 pair of earrings or lacy underwear, than for the one dating a big spender who gifts his gal with a pricey blender or i Pad.

Here's how the authors of Flowers, jewelry, poetry and weekend trips to the country are the kinds of gifts given by men in love.

Perhaps one of the most memorable (in a bad way) Valentine's Day gifts I ever received was from a boyfriend who decided to commemorate the special occasion by giving me a stuffed animal. Not just because after years of dating, I was hoping this might be the moment he stepped up with the ring.

Not just because a stuffed animal seemed a bit cheap from a man who frequently dropped a million dollars on a piece of art. Don't get me wrong -- I like monkeys, but it struck me as unromantic, and yet a heartbreakingly authentic expression of how much this fellow cared about me, which turned out to be: not very much.

That first anniversary with your beau is a relationship milestone.

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