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Though Amazon has had a history of deleting bestiality-themed e-books for the benefit of our innocent eyes, it would seem that it has no problem keeping a vibrant stock of anatomically correct animal phalluses for the casual collector.

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He also said he preferred a sexually “submissive” role. And sexaddict53885 gave Markoff’s exact birthdate – February 12, 1986.

But as you know – if you’ve been following this most tawdry of recent Craigslist-related criminal cases – Megan Mc Allister, Phil Markoff’s fiancee, is standing by her man.

It is time to spice up your love life with Extreme Restraints.

The site offers an exciting array of bondage gear and sex toys that will bring mystery, romance and thrill into your love life.

But with ad copy reading, "This toy will leave you speechless," I have a feeling like these wild prick whittlers mean business.

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