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Williams was originally a 400m runner but she was unable to qualify for the national athletics team.

She began competing in skeleton in 2002 after trying out at a push-start track at the University of Bath.

TOWIE star Mecklenburgh took a particularly nasty tumble in the opening episode, which saw her cut her knee.

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The protests claimed that the helmet's spoilers were illegal and gave her an unfair aerodynamic advantage.

On March 22 they welcomed a baby boy to the world, named Oscar Nash.

And Olympian Amy Williams and her husband Craig Ham have now officially introduced him, in a photoshoot with Hello! The former skeleton bob gold medal winner as also spoken about the roller-coaster or emotions that comes with motherhood.'It’s overwhelming,' Amy said.

'You instantly know that you would do absolutely anything to protect your child.

She is forced to deal with the anger from her sons as they struggle to digest the bombshell.

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