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Anyone can make 1 change, then maybe 2, and possibly 3.Soon your friends and colleagues will take note, and then …

Following many plans and conferences, on November 18, 1893, the four continental time zones took effect on the nation's railroads.

Today, both the United States and Russia have nine time zones, Canada has six. Entrepreneurs rushed in to take advantage one of the conditions set forth by the time zone convention, that railroad employees must carry accurate timepieces, and that they be inspected, adjusted and oiled on a regular basis." ....

One notable requirement is that the watch should show the time in 24 hour format.

And here's the new version, in 40 mm, and we think a very handsome watch at that.

This picture of the item (Paris Express ) was submitted by Jim Booth, Willingdon AB Jim purchased it a long time ago when he was in the military.

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