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In the developed world, 77 out of every 100 people are now connected to the internet.

This high level of internet penetration coupled with a generation brought up online and familiar with the digitally connected lifestyle, we think has led to comfort in sharing their personal details online.

The Google News headlines carousel will contain only AMP articles, but news stories below it are currently a mix of AMP articles — marked with a lightning bolt — and non-AMP (“regular” pages), ranked by Google’s usual “many, many, many different signals,” Maricia Scott, engineering director of Google News, told me. Users can swipe through the carousel to move from one AMP story to the next.

The potential appeal of AMP to publishers is twofold: first, faster load times for their mobile pages, and second, preferential treatment from Google for AMPed pages.

AMP is certainly a part of this mission, as it allows users to read news articles instantly on their mobile devices.

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