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It’s time to break down that Great British tradition of not talking about sex and relationships.

“Bottoms up” is all very well, however let’s put intimacy firmly on top.

So if you are trying to get a guy or girl to respond, don't send them generic 'What's Up? GUYS, POSE WITH PETS If there's one thing that's remained mandatory whether it's the marriage broker or the online matchmaker, it's the profile picture.

"A dating profile is a kind of advertisement, a way of marketing yourself to prospective partners," explains Ansari.

Covering dating, relationships & intimacy and infidelity for both sexes, I have over 20 years’ hands on experience exploring sexuality. We are all individuals with unique lives and whatever your personal concerns are we can look at the bigger picture, with tailored advice designed to work for you.

From personal phone and Skype consultations, right the way through to sample dates and ongoing support packages, I offer a whole host of relationship services right here.

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