Dating an ex drug addict

You see – for the first two decades of our marriage Dean struggled with an addiction to alcohol, crack cocaine, and prescription pain pills.

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For 14 years, Neil Woods risked his life as a drug squad police officer posing undercover as a heroin and crack addict.

As among the first of his kind in the UK, he helped to establish tactics and training to infiltrate the most notorious and violent drug gangs across the country.

Criminals were becoming more brutal as they wised up to police strategies.

Drug-related deaths were climbing and drugs were becoming stronger and more readily available. Determined to undo the damage he'd done as an officer - which caused him to suffer from PTSD - he launched Law Enforcement Against Prohibitions (Leap) in the UK.

My husband, Dean, and I are getting ready to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks.

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