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Celebs like Boity Thulo took to Twitter saying: "Wonder why she isn't searching at the church? "Blogger Lelo Boyana agreed that Nurouay's best bet would have been the church.Even political analyst Pierre de Vos poked fun at her insistence to pray every time before eating."If they hit it off, there will be a lot of praying at the wedding," he joked.At a sensitive age, I was disturbed at the pervasiveness of such brokenness, but now I understand it is a blessing to have grown up seeing the human struggle — and redemption — in such a real, important way.

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Speaking to Sowetan yesterday, 23-year-old Nurouay pointed out that she had prepared herself for such criticism."I knew I was going to be judged for being a pastor's kid looking for love on television.

But the Bible does not forbid dating or looking for love."She confessed that she had always wanted to be on television and this was part of the "adventure"."I'm not shocked that there were comments about my virginity but I'm the pastor's child, not the pastor himself.

The article had a big response when it was first posted.

But, for reasons I have not completely fathomed, the post went viral a few weeks ago.

My story of being a pastor’s kid is difficult to write in isolation because it is tightly interwoven with the entirety of my life, and bleeds into so many other aspects of my journey.

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