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In fact, you guys seem to date inter-racially the least. Is there an added stigma to being with black men that we don't know about?

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wonder how u ppl feel xxx well im married to a pakistani man... Would be interesting to read your experiences xx well my experience is all abt living with inlaws... ) it is not any different from what my friends who are married to Western men complain about.

) it is just soo relaxed out there, always sunny, you can live the life of a millionair eventhough we are just ur average joe (and jolene) beautiful country! never cooked/cleaned/washed not that im proud of it but who doesnt like comfort? I must say that although culturally we are different, I am fortunate on the family that I married into and also the husband I have. We both have learned what are our differences and made the most of the simmiliarities and although sometimes we disagree and we can get on each other's nerves (and have had very tough times!

people belonging to different areas and upbringing makes alot of difference aswell... takecare hun..heya all i white/english and married to a pakistani, he born and bought up here, so he very englih, his parents are from pakistan tho and live here but still have alot of communication problems! Hi Girls, tnx for your replies and apologies i did not reply any sooner. xxx Hi everyone, First of all, sorry for what is about to be a very long post!!

if u ever wanna talk abt anything do drop a line or privatemessage me...

" I have learned to compromise a lot over the years but i do now realize (bit late maybe lol) that i have lost a lot of my own identity and am trying to get it back slowly slowly. I do love Pakistan, been there on holidays but also lived there for some years but came back due to the education and healthsystem being better here for the kids Sometimes kids (and me) really want to move back there though! I'm half Portuguese, half French, have lived around the world and settled in Britain 13 years ago.

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