Dating a guy who just got dumped Phonechat with sexy whitegirls

You are cruising along with this person, enjoying your romantic life together, when they drop the news like a ton of bricks, “I’ve met someone else.” Hey, it has happened to most of us.

In the end, this person obviously wasn’t the one and there is a better match out there.

What could you have possibly done that is deeming you red-flagged and crazy when you've only been in this person's presence about five times?

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Getting dumped, especially from a serious relationship, is one of the worst emotional pains anyone can experience.

Generally it comes as a surprise and feels as if your whole world is crashing down around you.

It's akin to the dissociative sensation of an out-of-body experience: hyper surreal and strangely unsettling.

After all, the entire reason we decided to casually “see” (as opposed to exclusively “date”) someone was so we could avoid the bitter pitfalls of rejection and inevitable pangs of heartbreak.

The bottom line -- it wasn’t real love in the first place.

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