Dating a former party girl

You’ve read the 5 Types of Men that Women Avoid, and because we’re all about being fair to both sexes, we have the other side: Five Types of Women that Men Avoid. Men are drawn to a good flirt because besides being fun and charming, she’s definitely not shy.

The flirter shows interest right off the bat, making the “getting to know you” aspect of courtship all the more easy.

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Right now I’m going to discuss one type in particular – one of my favorite types … Now some women are party girls all the time, yet others are …

which means they are displaying party girl tendencies because they just got divorced and/or are struggling with being single for the first time in a while.

Getting a nerdy boy to go on one date isn't super hard and it seems great at first but then as we get closer, they find out about my partying habits (I do drink a lot and I do go kinda nuts when I'm wasted and I like having sex soon after meeting them etc.), they get scared and dump me.

"You're smart and beautiful but we're incompatible". There are many kinds of nerdy people, and they have all kinds of hangups.

A serial flirt giggles, touches, and tosses her hair at everyone: the best friend, the boss, the father.

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