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The easy answer is, —you feed a monster who is trapped in a time warp, but escapes every so often.

That monster is determined to suck you into his or her own personal, self-esteem issues (a.k.a. It is an ego-gone-wild, trying to right some wrong that you need to see contextually with its origins rooted in the past.

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If you're in a group situation, keep the peace and maintain your composure.

Screaming at her to "Quit it" may make matters worse.

In such an atmosphere, it’s as if the gauge for what constitutes “normal life” is reset, with a greater need for emotional stimulation.

As adults, these people consciously or subconsciously look for ways to satisfy the hunger for commotion. Healthy people have learned how to just “be”—they know how to enjoy calm moments, savor solitude, and tolerate times of boredom.

Call it arrested development, call it a failure to grow up and evolve, but underneath it all they have yet to outgrow (or dispel) whatever negative feelings they learned to believe about themselves. Each drama person must decide for him or herself to embark on a road of self-awareness and growth.

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