Crosshair v updating bios

The Formula Z is a standard ATX form factor board, measuring in at 12" x 9.6", despite its lengthy list of features including four PCIE slots, massive heatsinks, on-board buttons, and debug lights.

Even with all of this and more, it is an amazingly uncluttered and flowing board, that has no interference issues even when all of its capabilities and capacities are exploited.

The black is a true black, that will not turn brown from the underlying copper tracers, should you choose a well lit case.

I have no idea if other ASUS boards also have these issues.

After seeing all that and price difference I just got ASUS Prime X370 today and I just hope I won't kill it too fast Te only reason I want this is to test out the CPU with no issues with power.

As long as you have the BIOS handy, you're able to quickly fire EZ Flash 2 up and get the latest BIOS installed with ease.

Long gone are the days of having to mess around with DOS and crossing your fingers you've put the right parameters in when doing a flash.

The large heatinks are featured on the board with the VRM heatsink featuring an inset Red aluminum accent, rolled into the shape of the ROG insignia, pressed into the otherwise black heatsink.

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