Craigslist style dating

I’m sure this will surprise as it did me: Amazingly, it was the EXACT same case. And now he was checking out of his hotel and wanted to get on the road, and could send it to me overnight if I wired him money through Western Union. My only response was JOY that I had recovered my dad’s phone. And as scam stories go, I think it was pretty decent… and now that he was on his way home, he mentioned to his wife that he bought it. But his wife looked on Craigslist and made him call me. Craigslist is free to use and has become immensely popular for the local exchange of goods and services, but it was not designed to protect users from online transaction fraud.

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Craigslist style dating

I appreciate your time and look forward to finding the right “one”!

Anytime “companion” is used in quotes, you should be worried — not to mention staying in a motel.

No more team meetings, no more employee evaluations, no more balance sheets, no more darn conference calls at 7am. I have a room at the Tropics Motor Motel in Indio Thursday through Monday.

If you believe you can meet the below criteria, please shoot me an email and describe why you think you make the best fit.

I left my job as Supervising Manager at Soup Plantation and subsequently divorced my wife of 11 years.

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