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She has never been married though she has been engaged many times.

As she has never been married, she has never been through a divorce, which in a sense is lucky for her because divorces are mentally more stressful than a broken engagement. She has already written ten books, and her books have always done great business.

So, the school agreed to reschedule the event for May 2, but that isn’t going over too well, the Huffington Post reported. Coulter’s announcement that she intends to come to this campus on April 27 without regard for the fact that we don’t have a protectable venue available on that date is of grave concern,” Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks said in a statement.

He continued, “Our police department has made it clear that they have very specific intelligence regarding threats that could pose a grave danger to the speaker, attendees and those who may wish to lawfully protest the event.” Coulter and the College Republicans have remained defiant, threatening legal action and rejecting the May 2 reschedule date as one being held at a time when students won’t be able to attend; it’s during a period of time known as “dead week” when classes are over and students are studying for finals. It is unclear what will happen next amid the ever-contentious free speech spat.

I was the speaker at Berkeley a couple of years ago and they disinvited me and then they got their act together and I wound up doing it, and apparently, that's what's going to happen to her. But, Berkeley, used to be the cradle of free speech but now it's the cradle for fucking babies. They invite someone to speak who is not exactly what liberals want to hear and they want to shut her down.

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