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Water fluoridation is the addition of small amounts of fluoride to a water supply to achieve a fluoride level that helps prevent tooth decay.

California's fluoridated drinking water act, Assembly Bill 733, became law in 1995, requiring water systems with 10,000 or more service connections to fluoridate once funding is available.

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Santa Cruz (12 on the priority funding schedule), San Diego (18 on the priority funding schedule), and Sunnyvale (81 on the priority funding schedule), are communities whose local regulations on water fluoridation (all in place since 1999) are in conflict with State fluoridation regulations.: Fluoridation ended through a decision by Bertsch District’s water supplier (2013).

All Bertsch District water is provided by Crescent City, therefore when Crescent City stopped adding fluoridation chemicals to its water, per ballot measure A (11/6/2012), Bertsch District no longer received fluoridated water (11/8/2012).

Fluoride, one of the most plentiful elements on earth, occurs naturally in water supplies.

When fluoride is present in drinking water at optimal levels, it has been shown to promote oral health by preventing tooth decay.

Drinking fluoridated water, as part of your diet, will provide about 60 percent of the protection necessary to fight against cavities.

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